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For Redmond to be the leading city of the Puget Sound we need to build a culture where we respectfully listen to each other. This is the culture I want to infuse into city hall.

While we may not agree on everything, we should all agree that every voice matters and needs to be heard. 

Together we can take charge and craft the inevitable changes of our community into something extraordinary!

EdNHA Candidates Forum Thursday June 13

Here is my final statement during the forum.


Violent Crime in Redmond up 167%

Have you ever wondered just how safe Redmond is?

From 2012 to 2017 while Redmond’s population increased 14%, violent crime increased 167%, property crime up 74%, motor vehicle theft up 126%, and burglaries up 58%.

Have you ever wondered how safe Redmond is? Have you ever gone to the library or other places around Redmond and felt unsafe?

Well, if you relied on the reports the city presents, you could easily fall into the trap of believing you are only imagining there is a crime problem in Redmond. The fact is that for every category of crime tracked by the FBI the percentage increase far exceeds the 14% population increase in Redmond.

So, what would I do as mayor?

I will acknowledge problems and publish accurate and meaningful crime statistics.

I will absolutely say no to injection sites. Under my administration there will be no injection sites in Redmond. We should help addicts but not empower / encourage them to keep on using drugs.

I will absolutely ensure the enforcement of the laws we already have on the books.

I will re-establish the Public Safety Advisory Board that was disbanded by the current city administration in April of 2018.

I will make it a priority to involve community and businesses in crime preventions initiatives and strategies.

My goal will be to make Redmond a safe place for all, and unlike Seattle, a place where my wife and children can walk down any street at any time without fear or concern. When we first came here not so many years ago, they were able to do that. I want them to be able to do that again. 

Driving home the point (no pun intended) how it is feeling less safe in Redmond, yesterday (Sunday April 28th), at 12:30pm on 166th Ave NE while my wife and I drove by the Old Redmond school house, we saw a man urinate in plain view on the sidewalk.

Fire Ops 101 Thursday/Friday March 21/22 2019


Fire Ops 101

Where was I this last Thursday/Friday? I was at the IAFF 7th District Fire Ops 101 event at the HAMMER Training Facility in Richland, Washington. 

Here I had the opportunity to train as a firefighter for a day. I went into a burning building to put out a fire, tore apart a car to rescue a simulated victim, climbed a 100ft ladder among other things; all the while learning the issues firefighters face every day. This has given me a greater understanding of what firefighters, including my son, go through every day.

I want to thank every fire fighters who participated and thank you again for the opportunity.

One Redmond Jan 24, 2019


One Redmond Economic Outlook Wed, Jan 24 - 2019

Listened to well-known local economist Chris Mefford  insights on what to expect for our economy  in 2019 . 

Pinning Ceremony Jan 21, 2019 Snohomish FD 21

I was privileged and proud to attend the historic Pinning Ceremony for Snohomish Fire District 21.  

I couldn't be more proud to have one of my sons being sworn in during this ceremony.   

With these three new fire fighters, Snohomish Fire District 21 now has full time fire fighters staffing the fire station 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Elect Koeppen Team - Jan 14

It is great to see the range and diversity of the people who are helping in the campaign. Their input, idea's, and energy will help shape Redmond's future!

If anyone wants to join the team, or just have a real conversation about where they want Redmond to go, please email me or call me at 425 985 5124. I would love to meet with you.

Richard Liu endorsement

Previously, Richard Liu gave an endorsement for Andrew Koeppen in Mandarin. Here is his endorsement for Andrew in English.

Thank you Richard for your support and endorsement.

Endorsed by the Big Guy himself, Santa

Thank you Santa for endorsing me.

Tony Brooks endorsement

Thank you for your Service! Thank you for your endorsement. 

Tony served in 2/75 Ranger Regiment at Fort Lewis from 2004-2007 and the CA National Guard from 2007-2009.

Redmond Lights


Redmond Lights, a 365 day a year event

Redmond Lights

Redmond lights is not just a 2 day event in December.   It’s a yearlong, 24hr - 7 days a week, event where City Hall lights never go out. No matter the day or night, Redmond City Hall is one of the brightest, best lit energy guzzling building in Redmond.

City Hall lights being on 24hrs a day may appear inconsequential, but it isn’t. 

According to the City’s own planning department, Redmond City Hall consumes 1.3 million Kilowatt hours of power, roughly 15% of all Redmond’s municipal power usage.  As city hall wants to “appear green” Redmond city has converted its electrical billing to green energy billing, costing tax payers an additional $4,500 to $8000 a year over conventional energy.

Ten years ago Councilmember Richard Cole raised the issue of energy efficiency.    In the succeeding ten years, the administration has done nothing to curb this waste.

Answers from city hall as to why they keep the lights on 24 hours a day are appalling to me not only because the city is wasting money and resources unnecessarily, but also because Redmond Mayors have signed numerous proclamations pledging to reduce energy usage.  

It is easy for the City of Redmond to signal its “green virtue” without actually conserving, but I’d rather have the City demonstrate practical cost savings, which means actually spending less money now.  

My own business has shown real conservation comes from commitment not talk.

If elected Mayor, one policy I will enact immediately is mandating that City Hall shuts off unneeded lights. I believe the future belongs to those that use resources efficiently and wisely.

Redmond Today, Ideas for Tomorrow

Andrew Koeppen evaluating the current business environment in Redmond.   

Because of Microsoft, Redmond can cast the illusion of having a healthy business environment. However, the illusion is far from the truth.   

This video shows  how far from the truth the illusion is, and then ways of making this illusion into a reality.    

Andrew Koeppen being Endorsed for Redmond Mayor in Armenian

Redmond is a unique city. It is a city with people from around the world, speaking many different languages with many different cultures. 

I want to thank Ani for her endorsement, here she gives an endorsement in Armenian.

Endorsment from Ani

Thank you for your endorsement for Mayor.

Endorsement from Richard Chan Liu

Redmond is a city made up of people from many countries, who have come here to make a better life for themselves and their children. In this video, Richard Chan Liu Endorses  Andrew Koeppen for Redmond Mayor in Mandarin.

Video Endorsement from Angela

Thank you for your support Angela.

Announcement Video

Announcement Video. It is time for a new mayor.

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