Redmond as we all know is changing dramatically. Change and how to handle it is a concept that perfectly describes my life. 

    I was born in Australia to German immigrants and when I was a small boy, my family moved from Australia to Canada.

    I grew up in Edmonton Alberta, and when I finished schooling in Telecommunication Engineering I moved to the artic city of Yellowknife located in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

    After working in the artic, I moved to Calgary Alberta where I met my wife. Then after we had our first child, I took a position with a large multinational telecommunications company in Germany.

     After two years in Germany, I was transferred to Bethesda Maryland.  After one year of working in Bethesda, my family and I decided to move back to Calgary.

Growing family. Family Wedding 2017

    In 2000 I moved with my wife and 3 small children to Redmond to work for AT&T Fixed Wireless. We then had our fourth child and after working for several other companies, my wife and I bought a small company in Redmond called Hot Off the Press printing and I also became a Realtor with Windermere. 

    My careers have run the gamut from being a Test Engineer, Systems Engineer, Program Manager, to being a Small Business Owner and Realtor. 

     Being involved in the community is important to me, so I’ve coached kid's basketball and high school robotics teams; been a member of Redmond’s Homeless Commission and been the Chairman of Redmond's Public Safety Advisory Board and to better help the community deal with emergencies, I frequently hold community Emergency Preparation seminars and advocate for practical emergency preparedness.



    Being a long-time resident of Redmond I know the issues facing us, from crime, to traffic, to homelessness  and to the livability issues of Redmond. 

    My experiences have taught me about change and how best to manage it successfully, it also allows me to understand what it takes and the issues people face when they move here from across the country or from around the world. 

    This of course is a very brief summary of my experiences. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me at any time. I’m always willing to talk about my experiences but more importantly I would like to hear your story and to find out what issues matter the most to you. 

      Redmond is changing. It’s time that we have a mayor who understands and can manage change, and I look forward to earning your vote.


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