Redmond is Changing and it is now time to change the Mayor as well.

The Platform



Since arriving in the fall of 2000, being an active member of Redmond's community has been important to me. 

I've been involved in the simple day to day activities, such as donating blood, coaching my son's youth basketball team, mentoring another son's High School Robotics team, to being involved in the more complex. I've also been a part of Redmond's community by participating in Redmond's Homeless Commission, holding the chair of the Public Safety Advisory Board, and leading community preparedness events.

My hope is that as you explore this website you will gain a understanding of the high value I place on  people and serving the community.



Today there are many issues facing Redmond, and more approaching which need to be dealt with quickly, decisively, and proactively in order to minimize their impact to the community.

Redmond's issues range from traffic congestion,  downtown parking, homelessness, to unfocused and wasteful spending by the city, to new public safety issues arising from light rail expansion, to Redmond's poor business environment, and the list goes on.

Now more than ever, Redmond needs a Mayor who actively listens to the whole community and uses the community's wisdom, knowledge, and passion, to take Redmond into the future. A future where Redmond becomes the leading city of the Puget Sound. A city that is exemplifying good governance and community.


How you can be involved

In order to open up council chambers to new ideas, I need your help in all aspects of the campaign, such as:

  • Telephoning for the campaign
  • Helping with Mailings
  • Helping with Technology/Website
  • Helping to host or organize a  fundraising event
  • Placing a yard sign
  • Walking in a parade or sign waving
  • Endorsing Andrew Koeppen for Mayor

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