How will you stay connected with the people in the City?

Currently, the city allows residents to give a 4-minute presentation to city council about any topic important to them. But what is lost on the current council, is that a person must be extremely motivated by an issue to make the effort to create a 4-minute presentation, then take the time to drive to city hall, then work up the nerve present it.

What happens now after they make the presentation? If they are lucky, they get a curt “thank you,” as their words and effort disappear into the air.

To change this, I will make it a policy that someone on city council will follow up with those that go to the effort and make a presentation to city council.

I will also support and encourage the development of more neighborhood associations, such as the Education Hill Neighborhood Associations.

Finally staying connected is much easier when people feel welcomed, safe and heard. When people are ridiculed or ignored as they bring up issues, they become silent. This silence breaks the connection people have with city hall. As mayor, I will change city hall’s culture so people feel safe to bring issues to city hall. 

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