Why are you running for office?

I am running because I am committed to this community and I believe that I have the leadership, managerial, but most importantly, the inter-personal skills, to bring people together and build a community where every voice matters. I am running because I want our city the be the leading city of the Puget Sound.

Since arriving in Redmond, I have been actively involved in the community. I have served on the Public Safety Advisory Board, Redmond’s Homeless Commission, mentored a VeX robotics high school team, started a practical emergency preparedness group, held free emergency preparedness seminars, coached youth basketball, and even helped with the Norman Rockwell schools “Salmon in the classroom” project. 

Finally, as a Proud American, one who has lived in Redmond since 2000 and who has completed the immigration process to become a US citizen in 2018, I want to give back to the country and the city which has given my family so much.

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