Vision for Redmond

     Redmond as we all know is a unique city and now it stands at a cross roads. We can either continue to, “just let things happen” or, we can take charge and craft the inevitable changes into something positive.

         My vision for Redmond is that Redmond will be the leading city of the Puget Sound, exemplifying excellence in community, and in good governance.

        Achieving this vision will require involving, encouraging, and empowering members of the community,  such as yourselves, to be involved in city planning. To facilitate this, as Mayor, I will enable anyone who has a passion for an issue, to be as well informed as city experts are, by making it a policy that all information, which is already required to be disclosed if requested, be automatically made public and searchable by anyone, without going through a public disclosure process.

        As mayor I will bring a culture to city hall where the city’s experts respect and value the work, dedication, knowledge and passion that the community experts have and by working together, we can deliberately create a city which has safe communities, great parks, and together we can create a livable city, a city where we not only sleep and work, but live and enjoy our lives.

         By working together and taking the leadership role, we can solve the problems we currently have and which we all know will only get worse if nothing is done. We can show the region and the world how a diverse community can build on its collective experiences and strengths to come together to create one of the best cities of the world.

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