Is Redmond City Hall the most wasteful building in Redmond?

In May of 2018, I gave this presentation,  on how Redmond City hall can  reduce it's energy usage by 10% or more at no cost.

Redmond Today, Ideas for Tomorrow

Because of Microsoft, Redmond can cast the illusion of having a healthy business environment. However, the illusion is far from the truth. 

This video shows  how far from the truth the illusion is, and then ways of making this illusion into a reality.

What to do with Redmond pool

Redmond needs a new pool. This is a presentation I gave to city hall before the city allocated 8 million dollars in the current budget for pool renovations.

While the city  has finally allocated funds, it has no business plan or time lines. 

Vision for Redmond

My Vision for Redmond.


Redmond is Changing! It is time for a new mayor.