What are your top three priorities for the City Briefly explain why?

What are your top three priorities for the City Briefly explain why?

Redmond is at a crossroads, facing a multitude of issues from traffic congestion, increasing crime, small businesses leaving, and affordable housing. I’ll use my leadership skills to build a community where people can civilly discuss issues, problems and solutions. 

Priority 1

Not increasing property taxes or fees for Residents. I have heard from too many residents who are being forced out of their homes of 30, 40 and even 50 years because they can no longer afford the ever-increasing property taxes and fees. 

I am the only mayoralty candidate who fully supports the 1% property tax cap, which was approved by Initiative 747 in 2001 and reinstated in 2007 in a special legislative session. I go even further by saying we shouldn’t consider increasing taxes or increase fees while the city is expecting to rake in surpluses. 

Priority 2

Reducing Redmond’s traffic congestion by using proven ‘Smart City Technologies’ and dynamic traffic control systems such as smart parking and smart corridors. I will also work collaboratively to expand ALL transportation options to maximize accessibility for all people. I want Redmond to be known as the leader in reducing traffic congestion.

Additionally going to and embracing Smart City Technologies will allow us to update and protect our current IT infrastructure to ensure that Redmond doesn’t fall victim to ransomware attacks as seen in Atlanta and recently in Baltimore?

Priority 3 

Public Safety. 

As chairperson on the Public Safety Advisory Board, and from simply talking to people, I know that many people feel less safe in Redmond than they did just a few years ago. 

While crime is increasing, Redmond’s police force is continually understaffed. I will ensure Redmond’s police force is fully staffed by using competitive ‘Signing Bonus’, I’ll support police enforcement of our laws, fund more ‘Downtown’ patrols and strengthen ‘Block Watch’ programs.

In Regards to emergency services, I will ensure our emergency equipment is properly maintained and staffed to ensure that when an emergency happens, the right people, with the right training, with the right equipment, will be available.

As a person who has been actively involved in Emergency/Disaster preparedness planning, I will also ensure that Redmond’s disaster response plans are practical, realistic and resilient in order to protect Redmond residents.

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