Briefly explain your thoughts on a Green Redmond, diversity & inclusiveness, and arts & culture.

As the city becomes more densely populated the importance of parks, green spaces and trails to explore become ever more important. While I won’t spend 41+ million dollars on a simple concrete park like the current admiration has, I will work to develop and expand Redmond parks and trails. I will develop new places to engage all people including investigate the building a cricket field. 

As someone who has not only lived in several countries, but gone through the immigration process to become a US citizen, I know that Redmond is a diverse city. I understand personally the importance of having a welcoming city, so I will work hard so that those who move here, and those that have lived here a long time, will feel welcomed and able to contribute to our community. 

I will actively explore the creation of a Redmond city flag.

I will actively work with the Redmond city Arts and Culture commission to find/create/support an Arts Center, a place where local, amateur artists can create, display, and present their art. 

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