How do you feel Redmond meets the needs of small business?

Because most people in Redmond do not own or work for a small business; couple that with small businesses being very reluctant to ever say business is bad; most people feel that Redmond is business friendly and that businesses are doing well.

However, as a small business owner myself and after having talked to countless other small businesses, the answer is simple. Many (most?) small businesses are not doing well in Redmond, and many are closing or leaving Redmond. 

The reasons businesses are closing and leaving are varied, from skyrocketing rents, lack of suitable facilities, head tax, traffic congestion, uncertainty in the Marymoor business park, and the general business unfriendliness of Redmond. 

The fact is that it is hard to be a small business person in Redmond and that it is only going to get harder and city council just doesn’t seem to care.

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