How do you think light rail will change Redmond?

Light rail will dramatically affect Redmond. It will bring with it many opportunities as well as problems. Understanding the opportunities and anticipating and mitigating the problems of Light Rail will allow Redmond to prosper and grow into the leading city of the Puget sound. 

The current city administration is great at extolling the many virtues of transit and downplaying the negative impacts light rail will have. 

As Mayor, I definitely would work diligently to capitalize on the many benefits that light rail will bring. However, I will also acknowledge what it won’t do, namely reduce traffic congestion, and what it will do negatively, like increase local traffic congestion and crime.

The reason I will acknowledge the negative impacts, is simply so we can implement as soon as possible, solutions to mitigate the problems. Some of these solutions will include the use of Smart City Technologies (ie. the Internet of Things (IoT)) and philosophies to deal with traffic and crime reporting.

I believe It is easier and far more cost effective to be proactive in solving problems than waiting for problems to fully manifest themselves.

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